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    On the sample site, the portfolios have images showing up on the summary page, like this one:

    How do I make that happen?

    Here is the example of what I want to see:



    You can do that via template builder. You might want to import the dummy data, then go to Template Builder and check the Frontpage template.




    I don’t think this will work the way I need it to. Is there no way to designate the “Featured Image” as the one that shows up?

    I looked at the template builder and, if I understand correctly, I’d have to add a column element for the photos, then another line for the portfolio, then another line for photos. Isn’t there a simpler alternative that does not require me to add the photos separately?

    Maybe I’m missing something.


    Sorry – You may not have really seen what I was after. I see that I did not remove the “frame” before copy / pasting the example link. Here is the right one.



    On Theme Options > Portfolio, look for Which page should display the portfolio?, designate your portfolio page, choose 3 columns. On Portfolio Page Layout, choose left sidebar. Portfolio Title & Excerpt, choose yes. I think that is all the options you need to create the same layout as

    On each of your portfolio items, look for Featured media, you need to add image to slideshow if you want to have a thumbnail on the portfolio overview.

    You can also do this via Template Builder.




    Thanks – I did get this figured out. :-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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