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    I’m working on the portfolio section.

    I’ve added eight pics so far with the lightbox image link. When I click to enlarge it’s also showing the pics from the main slider (home) and also the lightbox images from the blog. Is there anyway I can have just the portfolio items showing – (thumbs and numbers).

    Also, I’ve noticed that when I view the main slideshow – on the home page on Safari the first pic drops until the next image comes in then everything is ok. How do I fix this please? It’s obviously something that i’ve done as it doesnt appear on your demo, but I cant find what I’ve altered! Eeek!

    Many thanks in advance,



    Anyone there?


    I have had to remove the lightbox on the main slider and set the blog pics from lightbox to’ link to this post’ to get the correct amount on the gallery…… Is there anyway I can have the lightbox effect on the main slideshow and the gallery but without the gallery picking up the extra pics?



    I think you experience the same issue like described here: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out)



    I’ve read this post and I have amended the code as suggested. The next buttons work. I just want the portfolio items to be different than the slideshow that’s on the home page, i.e not linked. i know how to do this with html but not with WordPress. e.g give each a different rel…..

    Any ideas? I have had to take off the enlarge pics for the main slideshow to get it to show the right image count.


    No this is not possible because of the way how the lightbox activation works. Atthe moment following two lines in js/avia.js add the lightbox attribute to all image links:

    if((el.attr('rel') == undefined || el.attr('rel') == '') && !el.hasClass('noLightbox'))

    You can remove the group counter globally but it’s not possible to remove it for certain elements.You can add “nolightbox” to your gallery items but this will also remove the lightbox effect completely.


    Thanks for the info. I’ve worked out a way to get it looking ok….

    Now I think I have a major problem!

    My client seems to have IE7, I know that you aren’t providing support for this ‘wonderful’ browser. but she cant even see the gallery and the menu scroll isn’t working. Is there a work around for this or something I can hard code?


    also the link to the blog isnt working in IE7…

    Oh dear, i’m not sure what to do!


    I tested the demo http://kriesi.at/themes/coalition/ with IE9 developer tools (in IE7 mode) and basically the featured images and the standard gallery displayed correct (including lightbox). The external blog link worked flawlessly too.

    I had problems with:

    1) The portfolio – it doesn’t work at all

    2) The smooth scroll navigation. It works but after the scroll to theright position it jumps back to the top.

    I’d suggest to use a standard gallery instead of the portfolio if your client insists on IE7 (I’d try to convince them to use a newer browser though). I’ll ask Kriesi to look into IE7 compatibility but because of the low IE7 market share (which decreases btw) I’m not sure if he’s interested in updating Coalition for IE7 usage…



    many thanks….

    I will have to replace the lovely portfolio with the gallery..

    As to the blog it isnt working for me in IE7, as you know the menu doesnt work properly in IE7, but if I use my mouse and scroll down to where the blog should be it isnt there. That’s the only thing really I would like to get fixed.

    I wish IE7 would go away!

    One more thing…. where do I go to change the gallery item with that I can see when viewing the source in the head. It’s set at 16% and I would like to change it.

    Thanks so much, and I do apologize for being a pain!


    Me again,

    in regards to the blog. I’ve checked your demo and it links to : http://kriesi.at/themes/coalition/blog/

    My first page is viewable when I scroll down the page.. http://www.mysite.co.uk/#blog

    What have I done wrong there? I dont think that I have changed anything?! :)

    It’s working fine for me though but as I said not in IE7, can you help me fix it please…


    Forget the last help request, I’ve fixed that. I’d changed the link behaviour! Sorry! It is Sunday after all!

    Just the menu scrolling issue in IE7 really now….. Please fix it Kriesi!


    I asked him to look into it. I’m sure he’ll report back soon.



    Although it wasnt my intention to support IE7 i have come across a quick fix that should be sufficient. I will update the theme in the next few hours anyways so the quick and dirty IE7 fix will be part of that version as well ;)




    Woweee, you certainly are an inspiration Kriesi! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

    By the way do I have to reinstall everything again? Or can I upload ‘bit’s/sections of the theme? (techno speak)!

    By the way I have asked my client to upgrade their browser but she doesn’t know how even though I have explained…. I seem to tend to get this problem with my clients who use old versions of IE!



    me again.

    I was wondering if the issue:

    2) The smooth scroll navigation. It works but after the scroll to theright position it jumps back to the top.

    Has this been fixed with the update?

    I re-downloaded the theme, it has update 1.3.1,

    I have uploaded the folder/js. header.php snd foleder/includes/admin

    I checked on IE7 and it’s still jumping back to the top.

    Have I missed something?

    Ok… just tried it in IE7 not IE7 standard and it now scrolls to the correct section. But I now have to scroll all the way back to the top with my mouse to get back to the menu……


    Any solution……?


    I’ll report it to Kriesi. I can’t promise a solution though.


    Does this happen on my demo page as well? Cant reproduce it…

    If you drop me a link to your site I will have a look at it, probably a JS error of some kind…

    You can use the contact form to send me your link: https://kriesi.at/support/

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