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    I can not get the water treatment portfolio item to go grayscale? Also, the dropdown option for grayscale is not showing on the backend. I walked through the video. Very strange because the rest of the items went grayscale just fine for me. ANy help is appreciated.





    It seems like WordPress didn’t generate a greyscale version of the image. Did you try to reupload the image? WP will generate all required thumbnails during the upload process (including the greyscale image).




    No dice, I dumped the image re-uploaded it but still only color?



    You have the portfolio incorrectly setup most likely.

    1) create 2+ portfolio categories

    2) create portfolio items

    3) create dynamic template with portfolio added to the template. Make sure the template has the correct settings.

    4) create a portfolio page and add the portfolio dynamic tempalte to that page. (add new page, bottom right side is where template is added to page)

    5) do not use the Coherence > Theme Options > Portfolio , instead use steps 1-4.

    If you can’t get it working please send me a temp admin account login/pw to usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com.




    Thanks Nick going to give it a try now.



    I hope it worked out?

    Best regards,



    Nick, unfortunately I did steps 1-5 and still no dice, even purged the cache for the site. Site goes live in a few days so if by chance you can think of anything else it might be please let me know.


    Hi Don,

    The only other thing I can think of is to completely delete that item and re-create it. First using a different picture to verify the greyscale works and then second uploading the same image again (with a different file name).

    The very last resort would be re-opening the file in an image editor and saving it under a new name as jpeg and see if when you upload it once again it works then.




    Thanks Devin trying that now.



    Please set me up with a temp admin account to usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com

    I am sure its Coherence > Theme Options > Portfolio duplicate settings. If not , will get you fixed up.





    Sorry for the late reply just sent user info to you, please be careful site is live and clients are looking at it. It sellarbps.


    Man I’m stumped I can’t even find the gray scale settings now. Client wants them all in color and just not sure how to flip the switch or where the switch went. I looked for duplicate settings under Theme Options and have nothing of the sort.


    Hi Nick, can you confirm you got the login?




    Anything on this one, I have replaced the the actual grayscale photo with a color photo, purged the cache on the server, created a new portfolio, a new portfolio page, a new template for the portfolio page and I can not get this function to work, is there a fix?



    I got multiple emails with credentials from different people and all without references to any forum post.

    Yours is Stell*** I guess?

    First thing tho. Do not use Theme Options > Portfolio to designate the portfolio page. Only use the options within the dynamic template.

    Looking at water treatment.

    I notice that all the images that have no grey-scale , all have this in the IMG html tag.

    alt = "[ File # csp11222659, License # 2437815 ]
    Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement (
    (c) Can Stock Photo Inc-greyscale. / nevodka"

    Please compress all jpg images using because your pool cleaner image is almost 800k when after compression without loss in quality its 78k

    I added a new image of water cleaner, from the portfolio item page. And as you can see, everything works correctly.

    i also edited personal care 2. in portfolio-item remove image. add image. select from gallery. remove that ALT description i pasted above. save. greyscale is now showing.




    Nick, ok what I found out to turn off color or gray scale is you have to delete the references to to tose images via ftp. All color or all gray scale in /wp-content/uploads/2013/03/ or whatever month they were uploaded as the last dir entry in the url does the trick to turn them on or off on way or the other, have not found a way to keep the cool gray effect then mouse to color. Luckily the client likes the all color option. Thank you for taking the time to log in and look at. I think it will be a goo future thread.



    No problem, I am not sure what you wrote would work, but they way I got it to work on your website is outlined above. Glad that client liked it, that’s the most important part! :)



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