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    Hello everyone !

    I need your help again !

    I want to to do a portfolio as you show in the demo :

    I mean that when you click on the picture, a gallery appears.

    I want to have exactly the same (that is what motivated me to buy the theme ;)), with the same design.

    How can I do ?

    I created a portfolio category, 3 portfolio items, but I don’t know how to make it possible to click on the picture and to have that beautiful gallery appeared…

    Thanks for your help !!



    1) Create Portfolio category (done)

    2) Create one or more portfolio entries (done)

    3) Create a new page (Pages > Add New) which will be used as portfolio page.

    4) Go to Avisio > Theme Options > Portfolio and select the page you created in the last step as “portfolio” page and assign one or more portfolio categories to it.


    Hi Dude I already did that. What I mean is that in the demo version, once we are in a portfolio, we click on a picture and then it opens a beautiful gallery. I don’t a chieve to link a portfolio items with a gallery. Like in the demo, i want to click in the portfolio item and open a beautiful gallery with several pictures.

    ex: you click on the picture of youtube-absolute moon and then it opens a beautiful gallery with youtube link or pictures

    How is it possible to do so ?

    thanks in advance !




    I’m sorry but I think there’s been a mistake on the demo because the lightbox is grouping all of the the portfolio thumbnails into one. You can’t achieve that on the actual Avisio theme. I will forward this to Kriesi to take a look at the issue on the demo site.




    Hi Ismael,

    I don’t understand because it is in the demo so there must be a way to do it. I am really disappointed because I bought the theme because of that portfolio that is shown in the demo so i don’t understand at all how it could not be possible…

    Please Kries can you explain exactly how you did that ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !



    I may be wrong but I think that thumbnail is grouped and is collecting all of the portfolio thumbnails. It shouldn’t work that way. I already tag this thread to Kriesi. He’ll let us know.

    I will also tag this to the rest of the support team.




    Hi epennes,

    I believe Ismael is correct. What you are seeing on this page:

    Is that when you click on any one of those images, it opens up what we call a lightbox. This lightbox powered by prettyPhoto pulls in all of the images that are shown on that entire portfolio page (for each of the portfolios) so that the user can simple browse through them.

    You can see that when you click on “Youtube – Absolute Moon” the next image/slide is “Flash Video SWF” which is the next portfolio item but not part of the previous “Youtube – Absolute Moon”. After that, the next picture is from the portfolio entry “Enter a title here” and so on.




    Hello Devin, Hello Kriesi

    Yes I know that it is a lightbox powered by prettyPhoto ! What I ask is how you open it from the thumbnails as Kriesi shows in the demo ?

    Since you show it on the demo, it must be able to do it (how did kriesi do if not ??).

    I don’t agree that you change the topics from “not resolved” to “not a support question” because you showed that possibilityon the demo.. Moreover it is why I bought the theme…

    So please could you explain me how you do to add a prettyPhoto lightbox from the thumbnail picture ? I can do it for a post or a page but not for a featured image nor a thumbnail image as you did in the demo…

    Please kries could you help me ?

    thanks in advance for your help,

    Best regards,




    I am sorry if we are misunderstanding your question. The link you posted leads to the homepage of the demo, where there is just a slider at the top and no portfolio. The demo has multiple different portfolios, so please provide a url (and make sure you break out of frames in the demo by clicking X in the top panel, or all url’s will lead to the home page.

    Are you referring to this -> , the 12 images seen in prettyphoto gallery when a portfolio thumbnail is clicked? If you look, there is one composed of all the images on the demo site, *there are no multiple ‘galleries’*, a unique one for each portfolio item. Add featured images on the right bottom of each portfolio item page, one image per item, and you also will have a similar gallery composed of your featured images.

    Please take a screen grab similar to what i posted, (you can get an addon to help you from google chrome) and using arrows show us what you are referring to specifically.




    Hi Nick,

    I really appreciate your help and your will to solve the problem I have. It was indeed what I wanted to do. The thing is I thought each gallery was different from one another and that I could have a prettyphoto gallery for each portfolio thumbnail.. So sorry for seeing it wrongly and thanks to everyone on the team that trier to find a solution (Dude, david , isamel and you !).

    If you think it is possible to do that (a prettyphoto gallery for each thumbnail), you would be very nice to explain me how ! :)

    I was wondering, where is it possible to change the link of a thumbnail picture manually ?

    well thank you for your help and trying to get a solution !

    Good night !




    Take a look at this theme from Kriesi, which I love most – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /2536338?ref=Kriesi”>Choices. It has the ability to add individual galleries composed of images and videos to individual portfolio items (what you were looking for), is responsive for smartphones, tablet screen sizes, and has dynamic templates you can customize yourself.



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