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    I have a problem with vertical image, i install this plugins: Simple Image Size & Elige Force Regenerate Thumbnails. I resize the vertical images to height=900px

    I rewrite this code lines on functions.php:

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>1050, ‘height’=>900, ‘crop’=>false); // big images for lightbox and portfolio single entries

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>1050, ‘height’=>900, ‘crop’=>false); // images for fullsize pages and full-size slider

    But for the slidershow is the same always choose the width to show the images and i need to scroll to see the image, it´s ugly,

    the lightbox it´s ok resize the vertical image to see on window, don´t need to scroll to see the image

    Please help me to do it, tx


    Hi Pedro,

    Need to see the page please. What specific url?

    what size are you uploading the image in? what size do you select when you are saving the image on wordpress? what size do you want to display the image in? 1050w 950h?

    You are uploading image that are bigger/same as that size, right? and about the same aspect ratio




    Hi Nick

    i send yo a mail with the URL log/pass

    No for vertical image i upload height: 900px x width: XXX (less than 1050px) but is the same the slideshow put vertical images to width: 1050px

    I need the Slider, SHOW THE IMAGES AT REAL DIMENSIONS I UPLOAD IT, only this

    thanks Nick


    i upload again & again with new name… a new image prueba02.jpg 598×900 px

    the slider show the image 1050x1580px !!!!!

    you can see on EDIFICIOS/TODOS/Pruebaaa

    thanks so much NICK!


    Please anyone who can help me with this issue? thank you very much


    Hi pedroPuerto,

    The image slider will automatically resize your image to fill the width of the slideshow area then scale the height to match.

    If you want to have a smaller width than it would be easiest if you put the image on a blank canvas of at least 1050px wide for the big full width layout. That way you can control the centering of the image.




    tx Devin but i think it is a workaround because after is the lightbox and it is ugly have a blank canvas, in my opinion i think it is necesary that the code let show the images with the real size, in those terms, is better remove arrows and numeric controls from slideshow_container like you have on Eunoia demo…



    You can’t upload images smaller than the surface you are trying to cover with them (well you can, but they will stretch and look ugly and blurry usually). Do not use small images and stretch them. You always need to use *larger* images if you want the end result to shrink down without loss in quality, and fit into the space given. Please use images *larger* , then the size you want them to shrink to.

    Also the constraints in functions.php file work differently on a small image you are trying to fit into a large space then on a large image you are trying to shrink.



    Nick, i don´t talking/asking about quality images, i know about it, I need taht the Slider, SHOW THE IMAGES AT REAL DIMENSIONS I UPLOAD IT, only this, but from what you tell me, incomprehensibly (lightbox do it) what I ask is impossible, thank you both



    You upload image with size 598w 900h. You have in functions.php : width’=>1050, ‘height’=>900, ‘crop’=>false.

    This is what happens:

    The height constraint ‘height’=>900, is ignored, and the width starts getting larger proportionally to the height , keeping the same aspect ratio as the image that it was when you uploaded it until width becomes equal to the constraint in functions.php (1050). It is easy to show mathematically what the height would be proportional to (solve for x) standard proportion equation:

    (1050 / x) = (598/900)

    (1050 / x) = 0.6645

    x = 1050 / 0.6645

    x = 1580.14

    so your constraint (limit) 1050wx950h created a proportional image (remember crop=false) 1050w/1580h from the initial image size = 598w/900h. Basically 598×900 size image grew while keeping its aspect ratio until it became 1050w 1580h and it would have grown more but your 1050w constraint in functions.php stopped it.

    So the question is, what size image should you be uploading that is proportional to your constraints. 1050/900 . * 20% = 210+1050/180+900 = 1260/1080 …. that is the size of the image you should be uploading. if you want to have a nice 1050 by 900 image.

    1260 w 1080h … So please try it out , open Photoshop, make an image o1260x1080 and upload it and see what size slider image you get.

    What would happens if you uploaded an image 1400 x 1100 when constraints are 1050×950 and crop = false in functions.php. They are not proportional so 1400 x 1100 will start getting smaller until the *second constraint* is hit. That means that the image will stop becoming smaller *not when the first side becomes equal to the constraint but the second!

    So 1400 will keep getting smaller until 1050 stops it OR 1100 will keep getting smaller until 950 stops it. Whichever reaches the constraint in 2nd place will be the width or height identical to the constraint while the other side will be shorter.

    I see it in my head but not easy to explain without creating an animation to illustrate the concept.




    this is a math good answer, I proved tomorrow, thanks Nick ;-)

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