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    Hi, I’m using template builder to show some porfolio items in our home page.
    English homepage looks good: Image + Tittle (orange) + Excerpt (black) + Read More (orange)
    But Spanish version the Expert is orange where it has to be black. I don’t know why.
    The web is private so I have to send the credentials.
    It will be nice if somebody have a look to know why this text is showing orange in spanish version.


    Hi ulaschmied!

    Please post the login credentials here privately so we can take a look


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    I have added custom CSS code to top of Quick CSS in Enfold theme options > Styling and now it seems to be working fine



    Thank you!! Solved.
    I don’t know if your are the right moderator to ask this.
    But there are three words from template that are impossible to translate with WPML string translation.
    I translated but I don’t see the changes in frontend
    these are the words:
    Show Setails
    Read More
    Related Products
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    Make sure your WordPress is in Spanish too:



    Hi Josue. Sure my wordpress is in spanish and main language is in spanish. Now English is hidden.
    The problem is the template strings are in english and I have to set the strings in english. And this is a little conflicting.
    These are the words already translated from english to spanish:
    The problem is that string doesn’t show in front end.
    These are the list of untranslated words:
    Show Setails
    Read More
    Related Products
    Please check http://www.lacupulamusic.com and see when you purchase a product you can see how this product enter to “carrito” cart in spanish but then. The word is in english “cart”.
    If you look for cart at strings you can see is already translated. It only appears at fronted the correctly translation “carrito” if I set the strings in english. But let the strings in english make product urls don’t work, so I can’t do that. I can’t let the strings in english because generate extra url with product/producto that makes the product not found. I only can solve that turning strings to spanish and erase extra url created.

    Last question? If I erase an string how can I add again?
    For example I had “show details” translated to spanish but it doesn’t work so I erased, reescan to translate again but I didn’t found. And now I don’t know how to enter this string again.
    In the other hand Each time I reescan strings there are strings that creates alone like product/producto url word.
    And I have to erase each time to make url works. I don’t know why other erase forever.

    Everyting is little tricky I need some help.


    When i logged to your site it was in English, that’s weird.

    Try using this plugin to handle the strings:



    Sorry Josue. It has to be in spanish. Don’t worry I will set main wordpress in spanish and then I will use the plugin you suggest to set missing strings.


    Si, por eso te digo que lo raro es que el login estaba en español mas el Dashboard no:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /00000025.png” alt=”” />

    Para que el theme active su version en español es necesario que el sistema en el que esta este en español tambien, ademas de que hay ciertos textos que son traducidos por el sistema.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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