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    Hi all,

    When you add a “Latest portfolio entries” via the Add shortcode in the toolbar.

    It doesn’t generate a html out as it should be. (after publish / save)

    The html out is;

    <div class="widget newsbox"><h3 class="widgettitle"><span class="widget_first">Latest Portfolio</span> </h3></div>

    So if you can see, the entries are not being generated.


    shortcode is: [widget widget_name="avia_portfoliobox" widget_class_name="newsbox" title="Latest Portfolio" count="3" cat="Features" excerpt="show title only"]


    Hi Kiwy,

    I believe the category needs to be the ID not the name of it. So a number like 22 instead of Features. You can view the category ID by going to the posts>categories then opening the category name. In the URL for that page will be:


    except the 22 will be the category ID for that specific category.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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