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    Sorry to bother but any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Ive already searched through the forums and have not come across anybody that has duplicated this issue. The website is http://www.webgevity.net and we are having issues having the portfolio show up on the home page under the horizontal rule that says “Our Work”.

    The steps we took are as follows:

    1. We added images to the ‘Portfolio Items’ section by clicking ‘Add New’. We then add a title for the portfolio entry. We then check the ‘Portfolio’ check box (a category we created) in the ‘Portfolio Categories’ box. Then in the ‘Add featured media’ section we click the ‘upload’ button and upload an image that is approx. 800×600. Then we click ‘Publish’.

    2. We hover over the ‘Corona’ menu and click on ‘Template Builder’. From there we select our custom homepage template we’ve created. Under the ‘Add Elements’ section we use the drop down to select ‘Portfolio’, then we click ‘Add Element’. It adds the element directly under the horizontal ruler. We click the expand arrow to see the portfolio options. Under where it states “Which categories should be used for the portfolio?” we selected ‘Portfolio’, which is the category that has been associated with the portfolio items that we added in step 1. The rest are set as follows:

    Portfolio Columns: 4

    Portfolio Post Number: 16

    Portfolio Sortable?: yes

    Portfolio Title & Excerpt: yes

    Portfolio Pagination: yes

    We have also created a ‘Portfolio’ page so that we could assign it in the Corona Theme Options “Which page should display the portfolio?” section.

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

    Kindest Regards,


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