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    Hi Support

    Can you help me? I played about with Angular a while back and I managed to set up the portfolio pages that scrolled between each other with a + and – button, above the title – it showed the other portfolio pages below too.

    I am now setting up a website and it displays the portfolio with (previous entry) and (next entry) blow portfolio image and then has related Entries images below.

    How do I change it from Related Entries to be the + and – I’m after??

    Thanks in advance




    The +/- option is only available on ajax portfolio pages and you can’t easily replace the related entries with the +/- button.




    I see that both formats are being used on themeforest. How do I select them? Not familiar with ajax?



    Go to Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio (or expand the settings of your “portfolio” element if you’re using a dynamic template) and search for following option headline “Portfolio Single Entries”. If you select “Show on current page” the ajax portfolio will be used. If you select “Show on single page” the default, non-ajax portfolio will be used instead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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