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    Hi there :-)

    I need a customization of the Portfolio Filter

    Two or Three Filter Rows that Filter the Portfolio by using AND.


    1. Row: Men, Women, Boys, Girls,

    2. Row: Jeans, Shirt, Sweater, Skirt

    3. Row: red, green, blue, black.

    Now, what I will need:

    I want to drill-down / filter for “Men Jeans red” – as well as “Jeans Black” as well as “Boys green” a.s.o

    With an nice effect for the selected Filter-Item – perhaps Bold or coulored background.

    And an nice-to-have enhancement would be:

    If I’d filter Men: Skirt should disappear – as well as other 0-item-results

    (Unless we are not in Scotland or India, men usually don’t wear skirts :-) )

    I am willing to pay for it if you’d deliver an easy to install solution or if you’ll intall it on my blog.

    Best regards, an thanks in advance,



    I had a quick look at the isotope documentation and as far as I know the plugin doesn’t support several filter layers. This makes it quite tricky to achieve what you want because you need to hire a person who 1) can hack the isotope libary or 2) can work around the problem (eg by collecting the user inputs of all “filter” options first and then he can pass it to the isotope function. I think the nice-to-have enhancement is even more difficult to achieve because this would require a check of all existing elements and a dynamic adjustment of the filter option list. A good resource to find talented freelancers is:


    Thank you Dude, for your reply. So, I’ll have to find another filtering and animation framework and have to implement this. Best regards, Christian.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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