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    Hey guys.. i migrated my website to a new VPS and everything seems to be working fine, except for the portfolio cover images. The links are all right and the images exist.

    Even if i create a new portfolio item, with a totally new image, it wont appear. I use the version 1.2 of the theme and now my PHP version is 5.4 (which seems to be a problem).

    I tried updating by copying the whole folder, but the start stoped opening. Could i get some help to fix this image thing?

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi HawtCoffee!

    You have a very old version of the theme. Please download the latest version on your themeforest account then update your installation. Use this plugin to regenerate the portfolio thumbnails.



    I actually tried to update by replacing the whole folder, and the site stopped working… How should i do it?

    I used the plugin but it didn’t work. I guess i need to update the theme to get php 5.4 support right?



    Please activate the wp debug mode: and check if the server outputs any error messages.



    I managed to update my theme to 1.7 and regenerated the thumbnails again, but it didnt fix the problem

    This is the debug.log when i refresh the main page:



    Try deactivating all currently active plugins. Then change permalinks to default in Settings>Permalinks and finally log out of WordPress and log back in. Now try creating a portfolio item and set the images with the portfolio items gallery (under the visual editor and separate from any featured image from WordPress).

    With the new item created and set to a category, create a new blank page with any name then go to the themes Portfolio options and create a new portfolio that is set to your newly created page and set to display the category from the new portfolio item.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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