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    This is something I just noticed when I put all the final categories ( which could be more later). When you switch to mobile view ( Re-size the browser) the categories DIV seems to be wrapping but looks weird and overshoots the screen to the right. How do I fix it. I intend to use a lot of categories. You can see the issue here:


    Hi There,

    I’m having exactly the same issue! I’m also waiting for a fix for that one..




    Fixed it :-) I just added inline-block to #js_sort_items a (in layout.css)

    #js_sort_items a{



    Check the wrapping categories:


    Hi There,

    It doesn’t look like it’s been fixed on your site neither on mine, I viewed your site with Safari, Mac.. unless we’re talking on different issues, what categories you refer the problem to, portfolios ? if so maybe the “nav” is wrapped but still when clicking on the categories the page being pushed from the right to the left and you get another page scroll, also, this is happening even without resizing the page, try to just click on the portfolio categories one after another or randomly and you will see the extra scroll and that the page is being pushed.

    In the start I thought this issue is related to my custom.css and other customizations so i stripped it all off, i mean removed all the code from custom css, and even some plugins, and didn’t find anything related that might be causing this..


    Please anyone..


    Aaaaa… I see the issue. I was talking about the categories text overshooting :-) …. Though the extra scroll does look weird


    Ye, for me at the start it was weird as well, now it’s becoming really annoying, BTW may i ask where did you get the “loading” gif, it’s really cool ;-)


    I Just made a four frame loop in After effects. Nothing fancy just two frame blank and two filled white :-) I think you can make same in Photoshop aswell.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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