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    Great theme, congratulations!

    In my site, I need a page template which list all portfolio categories displaying the first thumb from first post inside it and display image descriptions and caption on all galleries (on hover in gallery sliders).

    is it possible?

    Thank you very much



    Hi Alessandra,

    I’m not completely clear on what you are trying to create but I don’t think so. You can create a page template with a portfolio grid like on the example page here:

    And you can have that page also display descriptions of the individual items. You could even set up a specific portfolio category called “categories” that is then populated by portfolio items representing your other real categories. Then have that “categories” group display on a single portfolio page so that it acts as a visual link to the other portfolio category pages.




    Thanks for reply, I somewhat solved some issues as you said.

    Now I found out that I need to change taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php.

    I created a new sidebar area that is displayed only in specific page and portfolio itens, works ok, now I want display it when browsing a portfolio category, but there is no way to do so without changing this file.

    I need a sidebar bedide the itens like this:

    I tried change but then the itens don’t open in ajax.

    Thanks for any help on this.


    Hi Alessandra,

    If you are using a specific page that holds a group of portfolio items, you can just add a sidebar to that page from the Sidebars section in the Theme Options.

    Additionally, you could add a sidebar to a Template when making a page template in the Template Builder.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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