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    Hi there—

    I’m running the CleanCut (1.1) theme’s “Minimal” skin on a WordPress (3.0.1.) site. I’d like to optimize it for mobile web browsers like iPhones and iPads. I’m having trouble with that, and so I was wondering if anyone could please help me out. A search of this forum didn’t turn up any existing posts on the problem I’m having.

    Of course, my primary strategy has been to try installing various WP plugins designed to provide alternative themes for mobile devices. I tried a handful that are supposedly compatible with my version of WordPress, without any success. Specifically, so far, I can’t figure out how to get the portfolio items I created with the Cleancut theme to display in mobile web browsers. I also can’t figure out how to get any of the mobile theme apps to treat the portfolio categories like they do the categories of posts—that is, recognize them, offer the option to make them menu links in the mobile theme, and so forth.To be clear, I should say that the site looks fine on mobile devices when the mobile plugins are deactivated and the mobile devices are viewing the desktop version of the Cleancut-themed site.

    Now of course, these mobile plugins’ support staffs cannot be called upon to make their plugins compatible with Kriesi’s Cleancut theme. And similarly, Kriesi’s support staff cannot be expected to answer requests to make this Cleancut theme compatible with any one particular mobile plugin. But since the Cleancut theme’s portfolio page seems to fail in every mobile theming plugin, maybe this thread could explore how one would go about solving that problem? Whether sites built with the Cleancut theme can be optimized for mobile devices would seem to be an important topic. Or, if it’s easy to fix, maybe someone could enlighten less skilled developers like me?

    If it’s necessary to review to a particular mobile plugin, let’s work with the WPTouch one, since it seems pretty current and good and free.


    The reason why plugins don’t provide support for portfolio items is that they often can’t handle the new “custom post types” correctly. Kriesi uses a new custom post type for the portfolio entries so that’s why you’re experiencing problems. I must admit that my interest in WPtouch is low – Opera mobile works fine with my WP admin and post/page editor. Maybe someone else can help you.


    Thanks Dude. So the issue is custom post types. Is there a general tactical strategy for rewriting mobile themes to accommodate custom post types? I’m sure the specifics would be different for every mobile theme, of course.

    Opera mobile is a nice mobile web browser. I’m less concerned with administering the site via my mobile phone, though, than with allowing users on the 3G network to see more than half the site’s textual content on an otherwise mobile-optimized site.


    I’ve found this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    It seems that they’re working on it but the development will need several weeks or months for sure.


    Good eye, Dude. The last post you saw in that thread is actually my own—tryina flank both sides of this.

    Sounds like there’s no quick fix for now. Good to know.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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