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    I have selected a certain category to be displayed by the portfolio page, but all of the post from
    all of the categories are showing instead of just the one I have selected.


    Hello jaesius!

    Did you install a certain plugin prior to the issue? Please deactivate them. A link to the website will help. Post the login details here. Set them as a private reply.


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    There are only two categories for your portfolio items. The other item with a different category is pending. I created a page and set it to show the Portfolio category. Only 8 items is visible which is correct.



    I left that one pending because I didn’t want it to show on the gallery page and when I make it published it shows on the gallery page. the only categories that should show on the gallery page is Portfolio. I’ve made it published so you can see it.



    I don’t understand what the issue is at this point. The test page only shows that one single category.



    Hey Devin,

    I have 4 portfolio categories setup currently. The one called Portfolio is selected to show on the gallery page inside of the theme options. The other categories called Polo Glen has one photo loaded into it and I only want that to show on the Polo Glen Gallery page that will be selected and not on the gallery page. Even though the Portfolio Gallery is the only one selected to be shown on the gallery page in the theme options if you view the gallery page you will see that the Polo Glen portfolio category is showing and it’s not supposed to be.


    I got it figured out… the gallery page had the portfolio page template selected and once I changed it to full width it started working right.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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