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    Hi, I recently purchased Angluar, great theme, lots of options thanks !

    anyway, Im putting my different portfolios, “Character animation” , “Character design” , “3D animation” , “Motion graphics” available in a dropdown menu under PORTFOLIO in the main nav menu.

    I’ve set this up no problem creating these categories, portfolios and applying each one to its own page then putting these pages in the menu.

    My question is I would like the portfolio filtering menu that appears when I have ALL categories showing on one portfolio page for each of these separate pages also. Obviously as I’ve only selected eg character animation work to appear on the charater animation page it doesn’t show the other categories in a filterable menu, but Id like it to, how can I do this ?

    Instead of setting up separate pages could I possibly put the categories in the dropdown menu then when clicked it loads the portfolio with all categories but automatically filters it to the selection in the dropdown ? I tried it but it just loads an archive page, not the thumbnails.

    I just like my clients to be able to have access to all portfolio categories in the dropdown and the filter for all categories all the time.

    Hope this is possible, many thanks


    Hi mattock,

    That isn’t possible without re-doing the way the portfolio and filter function is generated. There just isn’t a way to load up the page with an option other than “all” pre-sorted.




    Hi Devin, thanks for the reply. When you say “pre-sorted” do you mean as my other method I mentioned, ..including all categories but have it when you click to go to that portfolio its already sorted into one category eg “Character animation” as this would work fine for me.

    I could set up all portfolios pages with all categories but each one is pre-filtered or sorted to automatically show just their one corresponding categories .. is this possible ?

    Many thanks



    This is a very old issue with the portfolio sorting function. Unfortunately, there is no fix yet, the answer is no. You can’t filter or show other items on a category when they are on a separate page. What you can do is to show all items on the same page to make them filterable.




    Ok thanks for letting me know, Ill just have to live without for now, cheers

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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