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    Hi – I’m wondering if there’s a possibility to make a page displaying portfolio categories like a portfolio. Look at for reference. I’d like a page like this to pop up when you click on “portfolio” in the menu, (which is a dropdown with several other subjects) With a set image chosen by me to display the categories in the dropdown.

    So like on that page, an image and title for Interior design, one for jewellery, one for graphic design, one for photography and so forth. When you click on that image/link, you go to the page displaying that corresponding portfolio. Ie, click on jewellery and you go to the page displaying the jewellery section. Is this is any way possible?


    Hi Madelene!

    For each portfolio item you can change its image link to ‘Link Manually’ and then choose the link for that image. The title would still link to that item so you would need to hide it with css or modify the theme but that is the only way I know of to do something like you are describing.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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