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    In upScale:

    (1) When writing a blog post, I have the option of selecting which author to attribute the article to. How do I do that with Portfolio entries (other than logging in as that author)?

    (2) When setting up a portfolio, I can select and display specific portfolios by categories, but not by authors. Is there a way to select specific authors, other than making an author a category?

    Thank you.



    open up upscaleincludesadminregister-portfolio.php and replace:

    'supports' => array('title','thumbnail','excerpt','editor','comments')


    'supports' => array('title','thumbnail','excerpt','editor','comments','author')

    This will activate the author option.

    2) You can link to author archives if you’d like to list all portfolio posts of a certain author.


    Getting into coding is brand new for me. I swear, one day the internet WILL fall because of me tinkering with code. However, your solution has worked, and for the time being, the internet is safe!

    Thanks for the help!


    Glad that everything works now :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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