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    concerns blog:

    I’ve set a 4 column portfolio as the start page. the category navigation has disappeared. the content with the avia slider has suddenly moved to (

    I am asking for your fast support please since this is an important site already online.

    ***I’ve postet the same question some 20 hours ago but i will mark both as solved as soon as i have your answer.


    for now i copied the source code from a portfolio site into the INDEX page. but this is a rather bad solution – just for the moment. i won’t enable me to change content without hardcoding the index page.

    Please do respond to my support request.

    I do have another test blog with AVISIO installed in case you want to try out something. Just sent me a note if you want to do this.



    Can you please send me the ftp details for your test blog so we can check this out?

    Best regards,



    OK i will send you the FTP and also a user login. Since i don’t want to make it public: PLEASE send your contact email to ” (Email address hidden if logged out) ” or tell me where i should send the log in to…



    You can send it on ///



    i have found a solution in past topics. This thread answers the question:

    But there is still ONE ISSUE:

    The Blog Archiv page is no messed up. In the test wp installation i’ve send you you can see that the blog now shows the home page under the breadcrumb.

    If this issue can be fixed – you’ll make me a happy camper!!!


    It is very weird but i figured it out now. The code supplied for changing the header.php works fine. But then the BLOG ARCHIVE get’s messed up and is showing the slider. But if you create a second BLOG ARCHIVE PAGE and assign it to show the latest articles (in reading options) then the original Blog Archive works again.

    I will for now use the theme this way. But please, maybe you can tell me where the error is.

    just open the site “” in the password protected blog and you’ll see what i mean.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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