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    I created a custom template and applied it to a new page I created. The only element I added to the custom template was “portfolio”.

    I want this page to be my home page but when I choose my new template as my home page, none of the thumbnails appear. Am I missing something?


    Just to clarify I want to make a 4 column portfolio with out a side navigation bar.

    I want my home page to look like your example:


    Any help on this please???


    Hi lindsayclineco,

    Make sure the new page displays the portfolio when you view it by itself. If it does not, you need to make sure the dynamic template you created that holds only the portfolio elements is selected on that page.

    If it does display properly, make sure that page is not set as a portfolio from the Theme options>Portfolio menu.


    I believe I feel upon the same situation and was able to solve it as follows:

    WordPress Settings > Reading

    Front page displays:

      -Your latest posts


      -A static page (select below)

      Front page: “portfolio”

    Mine was at “Your latest posts” and it seemed anything I changed in Angular Theme Options wouldn’t fix it. When I selected “A static page” as shown above, it all started working perfectly. Hope this helps.



    Thanks Guys!


    Thanks for the help Brent! Its one of those simple things I tend to forget and usually jump to issues within the theme itself :)

    Let us know if that doesn’t fix the issue for you Lindsayclineco.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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