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    When you see the portfolio archive of a category, for example “css” shows 6 entries:

    If you sort portfolio items to show “css” it will show 9 entries:

    Can you please check that and tell me please how to control how much portfolio items show on portfolio archive page.

    I’d like to show all portfolio items of certain category on archive page.





    In the backend, click Choices > Template Builder. Create or Edit a template. Add or Edit the ‘Portfolio Element’, open it up to see it’s settings. One of the options available is a select box -> ‘How many items should be displayed per page?’




    Hi Nick,

    I know that admin option and it applies to pages. I’m talking about problem with portfolio archive page. It is like blog archive page like here: but only for portfolio and there is one file that outputs it: taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php and you can’t change how much items it outputs from admin panel. Logically it should output all items of certain portfolio category, but there is some problem, please check first post. From my point of view it’s a bug.

    Hope this explanation will help.




    Hi Aleksandr,

    I believer archives display the same number of items that you have selected in your wordpress Settings>Reading>Blog pages sow at most:

    This both controls archive pages and how many posts are shown on blog overview pages.




    Hi Devin,

    Such a simple solution. Thanks ^^



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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