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    I have two questions:

    1) How can I make changes in the portfolio archive page? I would like to change the order (alphabetical) and the number of items showing. I read in an earlier thread that I should install “Custom post per page” plugin, but that also change the blog archive.

    2) Is it possible to change an ajax opened item, so that image doesn’t link to the post, but opens in lightbox instead? I’m aware of the setting in portfolio edit. But I still want the thumbnail to open the item in ajax, and then the enlarged image to open in lightbox.


    Hi emilottersten,

    1) The plugin should only change it for those that you want. Because the Portfolio items are custom post types, it should not effect the Posts at all unless you set it to.

    But that plugin is the best way I know of to re-order the portfolio items.

    The number of items can be controlled from the Portfolio options for that page from your theme options>Portfolio.

    2) Yes, doing exactly as you said. Just set the individual portfolio image link option to Open in Lightbox and the image will do so when enlarged via the ajax portfolio effect and not link to the portfolio item.




    1) The alphabetical order doesn’t work, number of items works (with the plugin, not in Portfolio settings).

    2) Yes, but I want the image link to first open the item (with the metabox etc), and when the item is opened I want the image to link to lightbox. If I set the link to lightbox in portfolio settings, the image directly open lightbox, and clicking the title is the only way to open the item.



    This will do the trick with the order


    What I don’t understand however, is why would you want to change the link from opening up ajax to linking to lightbox since the thumbnail slides down (on my screen quite far down where I can no longer see it). For anyone to even realize that the functionality of the thumbnail changed and return to click it again when an ajax panel slid open, seems unlikely. Such a customization would be both time consuming and labor intensive with limited benefit. If I am understanding you correctly, it would be outside the scope of the support team.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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