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    Can someone please explain to me the difference between a portfolio and a gallery.

    In the online sample (, portfolios seem to lead to galleries, I’m not sure how this is done! In the training tutorials you create a gallery in a WordPress Page, but Portfolios have their own area and categories, etc…

    Here is what I want to achieve. I would like a page similar to the sample portfolio page above which has a key photo for each of a number of categories (travel, people, pets, kids, house, etc…). When you click on the image or title, it could take you to a gallery page or, if there are sub-categories, it would take you to another portfolio page, with another series of categories. So, if you clicked on Travel, you would go to another portfolio page with a number of Travel sub-categories (europe, north america, australasia, southeast asia, south america, etc…), and potentially, each of those categories could have sub-categories (north america -> canada, usa, mexico) until you are eventually taken to the final category and it’s gallery page.

    Can you explain how to do this?


    This is something I’m grappling with as well.


    I installed the dummy data into a MAMP session on my dev machine and discovered that some of the “galleries” included in the demo are in fact actually portfolios with custom URLs added to the main menu… I’m a bit disappointed as the workflow from using the online demo suggested that portfolios could be used to drill through to galleries, and, this is not the case. I’m regretting this theme, I don’t think it is powerful to do what I need it to do — unless I am missing something — and my only resort would be to go with nested menus instead (yuck!).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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