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    Hi there!

    The Flagship theme in general is great. Everything works very well on a standard browser. However, when testing it in the native browser in my Droid, things get buggy quickly. One major issue is navigating among the four portfolio items on the homepage.

    I open one up, wait for it to load, then click the back arrow (one of the big nav buttons), wait for that to load (the back arrow is still highlighted as in a perpetual hover state), then click the back arrow again, and now there is a little AJAX loader GIF where the image is supposed to appear and the GIF is not animating. I wait for 1-2 minutes and still no image loads. I click forward or back again, and now the new item loads but then immediately the item that was “stuck” spews itself over the current item. The portfolio is an unusable mess at this point. I am also seeing this problem on my own purchased and customized version of Flagship.

    It is hard to say what is causing this, whether it is if there is more than one gallery image in a portfolio item so the request takes too long and times out and there is no graceful error handling in the JS? Not sure, but I wonder if you’ve seen this and you can provide a fix?

    My Android specs:

    Make/Model: HTC Incredible

    Android v 2.3.4

    Kernel v

    Software number 4.08.605.15 710RD

    Browser v Webkit/533.1



    Did you try other Andoid browsers like Firefox Mobile? Can you reproduce the issue(s) with it?

    Best regards,



    Hello Peter

    On Firefox, the animation is a bit slower/choppier but it works well and is free of these errors.


    I couldn’t reproduce the issue with my Android 4 ICS phone and the standard Chrome and Firefox browser. I’ll tag this thread for Kriesi’s attention though – hopefully he can reproduce the issue or provide a solution. Afaik the Android 2.x browser engine is a bit outdated compared to the Firefox Mobile engine or the new Android 4 Chrome engine.



    During the next week I will order a Nexus 7 so i can test everything on android and optimze in a better way. Hopefully I will be able to improve the performance of the JS then…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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