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    Lets see. I have a big problem. I want for my portfolio the same structure as I see on the theme in themeforest.

    The problem is that I make some wrong because for it I have created different post and to the each post image I agree a link to an other “portfolio item”. Take a look: and

    As you see there I have two different images, so “Filtrar por tipo de seguro” “Vehículo” “Vida” don’t work.

    Then, here is a video and I can´t see it, why?

    Plase, help me. Thanks.


    Sorry, when I say “Then, here is a video and I can´t see it, why?” I forget the link:



    The offer stil stands, send me your wordpress login data and I will have a look myself :) (if you already did, I ddint receive it, then please send again ;) )




    Done again, thanks!


    Hey! checked it and found a small bug: you need to set the slider to fade slider when using portfolio entries, otherwise it might happen that no slideshow appears at all. I will fix that with the next update ;)

    And as a notice: if you want to embed a video the way you did you need to set a preview image for the video :)


    Read me… I want the porfolio as your demo on themeforest! To create the main page of the portfolio I have to create a “post” AND a “portfolio item”, I mean, TWO DIFFERENT POSTS?

    I want see a little image (like here: and when I click on it see the same image but bigger (lik this

    Please. I’m in a hurry. Thanks.


    Ok just checked your wordpress version and its running on 3.0.1. The theme requires at least version 3.1, please update it and let me know once that is done I will have another look to figure out if the problems stil persist. The portfolio need at least wordpress 3.1 or higher to work properly, otherwise the query will fail and instead of showing portfolio items it will show blog entries :)

    I am pretty sure once the theme is updated the portfolio will only show the correct portfolio entries and no longer any of the blog entries. Those blog entries shouldn’t at all be necessary.


    oh my god, that was all… I was going crazy, nothing worked and I was doing a thousand tests… thank you very much :)


    Glad Kriesi could help :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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