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    This is regarding topic http://d.pr/SXW9/1HwSj5Pf which it isn’t solved – maybe I didn’t make myself clear.

    I am still looking to have the thumbnail portfolio image (3-column portfolio) similar to the red box size: http://d.pr/i/1r66/15IWM3DB instead of getting the images with that specific height you can see in the same sshot which is around 311×144 px and I would like 311×200 px.

    This is the URL to be fixed: http://d.pr/h9Up/3FhkYWPq

    I also created a fresh Choices installation in a different URL and it is showing great: http://d.pr/bxLS/ToCaY1PK but I can’t reproduce these same sizes in the URL above to be fixed.

    It might be some code that is messing up with the height and I can’t find it where?

    Many thanks


    UPDATE: Ok, I managed to fix the issue with the help of one developer.

    The problem got fixed but then I faced another one: different height sizes: http://d.pr/i/894Z/IGxkWHFo

    To “crop” the bottom part (exactly what I want to) I added the following code below and it worked fine but it seems that there are too many changes for just a “simple crop” which I would prefer to add just a few CSS code. Please check if you recommend these changes below or if you can give me a quick fix in CSS:

    FILE functions.php LINE 72

    $avia_config['imgSize']['portfolio_small2'] = array('width'=>900, 'height'=>479, 'max-height'=>200, 'crop'=>false);

    FILE helper-slideshow.php LINE 267-271

    $output .= "<div class='slideshow_container ".$this->slideClass." slide_container_".str_replace(" ", "_", $this->position)."' style='height:".$avia_config['imgSize'][$this->img_size]['max-height']."px; overflow:hidden;'>";
    $output .= "<div class='slideshow_container ".$this->slideClass." slide_container_".str_replace(" ", "_", $this->position)."'>";

    FILE loop-portfolio.php LINE 32

    case "3": $grid = 'one_third'; $image_size = 'portfolio_small2'; break; /** birkof89 **/

    Many thanks



    You are still with those images? As I wrote in the previous answer, there is the right way to do this and the ways that were tried and abandoned. You will need to use image magic or some kind of a 3rd party server component . There is no way to resize 10 images, each with a unique aspect ratio so that their thumbnails all look identical without (a) hard cropping them (b) re-sizing them yourself in a photo editor prior to upload, or having each image scaled down which results in each thumbnail’s height (or width) being different than their neighbor’s.

    This is an interesting approach you are using. If it works, use it. It’s preferable over some quasi-hack css .




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your feedback but most the manual crop solutions you gave me will not work for me for a simple reason.

    I do want to show the full image size (no cropping at all) when the client clicks on the thumbnail and the full image appears.

    What I want is to “crop” or should I say “hide” the bottom of the thumbnail image. It is as simple as this.

    Thinking this as a website portfolio will make more sense. Some website might have 600px, or 800px or 1200px height (for example).

    I am aiming to show images between these ranges so the users can see the full page when the image expands to have a great perspective about the image/portfolio they are looking at.

    However, in the thumbnail area I just need the images stretched to show the top and the sides with the same original ratio, and then, obviously, the bottom of the thumbnail image would be hidden or cropped by the grey bar along where the title/excerpt are.

    I hope this explains my problem in detail which is, at the end, a very simple and logic request (as per my thoughts :)

    I still would like just an update from Kriesi, or any other moderator, if this same result can be achieved by not changing a single line of PHP and using custom CSS instead. If I need to update the theme in the future, for some reasons, I would keep the same changes intact.

    Thanks a lot for all help so far Nick.


    Hey sitesme,

    Even with your explanation I’m very unclear on what you are trying to do. WordPress doesn’t have a very complex system for displaying automatically generated thumbnails.

    A size is defined, the image gets a check against that size and either gets cropped to fit it or gets scaled down to meet the longest end.

    The best and most logical way to get images displayed in specific perspective would be to put all images on a blank canvas in an image editor so that they all start at the same size.

    If you want the portfolio to have different thumbnails which are not included in the slideshow you can just go to Theme Options>Layout & Settings>”Slideshow behavior on overview pages”. Change the option there to only show the first image on preview and then hide it on the single pages.

    This would allow you to use whatever thumbnail image you wanted.

    The end result may seem incredibly clear for you, but from my perspective I don’t quite understand and the general description doesn’t sound possible with the way the portfolio works with Choices right now.



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