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    First, compliments on the quality theme.

    We would like to add a second filter level to the portfolio pages.

    Now we can filter on categories and sort the result on date and name.

    We wuold like to; first filter on categories and then again filter (not sort) on a second criteria (sub-categorie of some kind)

    I found another Avisio site where this functionality has been added,

    They can first select from ” flash – cms – html” and filter down that selection to ” Basic – medium – advanced”

    Can you point us in the right direction to add this extra level to the theme?

    Thanks in advance,



    Have a look at this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for

    It describes how to implement a price sort function. You can include other sorting options though



    I’ve got the same problem as the author above.

    I followed Dude’s instructions but anyway I couldn’t replace sorting options (Date, Name) with filtering buttons (Category1 and Category2).

    Would You be so kind to explain what shall I change in code ?




    Which template do you use?


    I’m using:

    – Avisio 1.1 theme

    – WordPress 3.1

    I think I need to modify something in template_portfolio.php

    Waiting for Your help, thanks very much in advance Dude !



    I’m sorry but I just saw that you want to filter not sort the content. At the moment it’s not possible to apply to filters. It’s a major modification I can’t help you with.


    That’s a pity, I thought it would be possible. Topic’s author presented a link where 2 filtering methods were used: it looks like they implemented their own solution for 2nd level filtering.

    By the way Dude, would You please help me in another problem related to Avisio ? (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)


    Maybe try to contact the site owner directly…


    Yesterday, I have sent a message to the site owner, as soon I will receive an answer, I will write down here.


    Ok, I’ve got some news from the author: Thanks very much Gerardo !!!


    What I did to add more filter options was to add a few lines in “template_portfolio.php”,

    Guessing that you already have the categories to use to filter your entries you have to look for the “Slug” of each categorie..

    e.g. mine are: basico, medio, avanzado

    Then you have to add the following code to your template_portfolio:

    AFTER this code:

    if (isset($categories[1])){ $hide = “”; }

    $output .= “<div class=’sort_by_cat $hide ‘>”;

    $output .= “<span>”.__(‘Filtrar por tipo:’,’avisio’).”</span>”;

    $output .= ““.__(‘Todos’,’avisio’).”“;

    foreach($categories as $category)


    $output .= “category_nicename.”_sort’>”.$category->cat_name.”“;


    $output .= “</div>”;

    You have to add a code from link below: (when i tried to paste it here, some words were cut.

    The id for each link should be your categorie slug + “_sort”


    I’ve tested this option and can say that partially works for me, but it’s better that somebody else would analyze it, because I’m not the coder ;)

    For example: let’s say I’ve got something similar like it’s written below

    1 level filter: ALL, AUDI, BMW, HONDA

    2 level filter: NEW, USED

    When I click ALL and next select NEW or USED, everything works perfect !

    But if I click AUDI or BMW or HONDA and choose NEW or USED it doesn’t work.

    Dude, what do You think about this code?

    Previously You wrote that it’s a major modification, now we have got a few lines which partially work. Would You please test it and say Your opinion about it ?


    It seems like the codeupload link requires a password. Yes- mea culpa – maybe it’s (easily?) possible to integrate a second filter – however because it’s a (imho) major customization I didn’t check all required code modifications detailed enough. However the solution above doesn’t change much because as far as I can see you can still filter one critera only. You can filter ALL by “New” and “Used” or you can filter the cars but can’t apply a second filter. Maybe the code from codeupload helps me to understand the problem…


    Sorry Dude, it’s my mistake with this password protection.

    I have uploaded it once again without password, so please check it out and tell me Your comments.



    I didn’t test if it works. As far as I know you must use the portfolio category slug to filter (see message you posted in the forum). Obviously that doesn’t help you because you can set i.e. the slug “new” for “Audi” but you can’t filter for “used” audi then. This methode of filtering just helps you if you’ve two static filter criterias (i.e. Print / Lawyer / Webdesign / Court) and ( Creative / Law) – I can set the creative slug for Print + Webdesign and “Law” for Court + Lawyer – in your case it’s not possible to set new / used static because you’ll have used cars and new cars of every brand….


    Ok, now I’ve got it, thanks very much Dude for explanation.


    Great. Just ask if you’ve any other questions :)

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