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    hi Devin,

    kindly see description:



    any solution?


    Hi giore,

    I tried looking up some possible solutions but nothing I found works. I’ll tag the rest of the support crew in case anyone else has any ideas.

    Really though I can’t see any reason to do this. You can just add in your own shortcodes and the content will be output just above the content from the visual editor. You can then style it however you want. As long as you have no data inside them you don’t even need to output anything in those fields or use them.




    oh, thanks, hopefully some other crews can come out some solution for this…..


    I didn’t test this and there’s a good chance that it doesn’t work – however try to replace following line in choicesfunctions-choices.php:

    $output .= "<li><strong class='portfolio-meta-key'>".$key['meta'].":</strong> <div class='portfolio-meta-value'>".$p_metas[$counter]."</div></li>";


    $output .= "<li><strong class='portfolio-meta-key'>".do_shortcode($key['meta']).":</strong> <div class='portfolio-meta-value'>".$p_metas[$counter]."</div></li>";


    thanks, will give it a try :)


    Let us know one way or another. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure there is anything else that can be done unless Kriesi has any ideas.


    hi, seem like still no luck ! i think need to specify a particular field ID



    I tagged it for Kriesi. Maybe he can provide some useful hints.

    Best regards,




    Dudes answer comes pretty close, the problem in that case was that he accidentally switched the key/value pairs. To enable the shortcode value the line needs to look like this:

    $output .="<li><strong class='portfolio-meta-key'>".$key['meta'].": <div class='portfolio-meta-value'>".do_shortcode($p_metas[$counter])."</div></li>";



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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