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    hi there,

    i am willing to order broadscope and use the portfolio for showing articles.

    i really like the idea to have a portfolio sidebar.

    my question: can i create subcategories and show them also in the sidebar?

    so the category will work like a menu point for several articles.

    best regards thomas



    the portfolio items & the portfolio template don’t support sub categories (or to be more precise they support sub categories but you can’t display them as sub category items).


    thanks for the fast answer. is it possible to change this behaviour with a few lines of code?

    that would be wonderful and save me some time to look for another theme.

    or maybe it’s possible to use more than one portfolio.

    best regards

    thomas b. rouge


    You can create as many portfolio pages as you like – you can select the pages which should be used as portfolio page and the categories which should be displayed on each portfolio page (you can select different categories for each page). However the portfolio pages support one level only (no sub-category link structure).


    hey dude,

    i purchased the theme and it’s easy to handle.

    first i found out that the portfolio is supporting sub-categories and it also shows them.

    the only thing i need now is to create a structure.

    when i use several portfolios to a page by the broadscope backend the cool sorting function is missing. that is really a lack.

    best regards



    Yes – as I said above the templates support sub categories but you can’t display them as sub category (so the user can’t click on an item to get to the next “sub category”) page and the sorting option doesn’t show the relationships/structure.

    To be honest I never tried to apply more portfolios to one page – I don’t see the advantage here because you can simply select all portfolio categories and apply them to one portfolio only.


    hi dude, yes i know want you mean. normally you won’t need all the features.

    but the work that needs to get done is to make a product catalog with 180 articles.

    and you will need to have a nice structure since it allready is existing as a printed version.

    so i have to take the structure and make it handle like a menu.

    by using one portefolio i can accomplish this by using margin-left for each subcategory via css.

    all i need now is to find out how you can sort the shown categorys in the portefolio.

    the portfolio shows them all but it seems that you cannot sort the categories manually.

    right now the categorys are listed by name. it would be cool to have an option to sort them at least by date (show “All” at the top followed by the oldest article). the best solution would be to have them sort like in the portfolio category backend.

    all my best



    hey dude i move the new question to a new threat

    and put this one to solved since it’s possible to show subcategories from the themes portefolio in the sidebar.

    best regards

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