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    hi there,

    i’d like to sort the portefolio categories from the theme at the sidebar of the portfolio template.

    by default the order is given by category name.

    it should be at least like the order in the backend.

    the best solution would be a manually sort order.

    best regards


    hi dude,

    i managed to sort the parent category items with a cool plugin called “taxonomy-terms-order”

    the plugin extends broadscopes “portfolio items” menu with a new item called “taxonomy order” where you can easily sort all categories via drag & drop just like the wordpress navigation menu.

    anyway it doesn’t work with the subcategories and maybe you have a solution for this behaviour.

    it should be enough to output all of the categories by the admin menu order since the plugin changes also the order in the backend.

    best regards

    thomas b. rouge



    To be honest I don’t know a clever solution to sort the categories/sub categories too. You can modify template-portfolio.php and change the category array order but it requires manual work/coding for each category. You need to find following line:

    $categories = get_categories($args);

    Then you can rearrange the positions with following code:

    $categories = get_categories($args);
    $customcats = array();

    //change category position
    $customcats[0] = $categories[1];
    $customcats[1] = $categories[0];

    $categories = $customcats;

    I.e. the code above would swap the category position (the second category moves to the first place and the first category goes to the 2nd place). But the problem is that this will only work for one portfolio page. If you’d like to change the order on different pages you’d need to work with is_page(), etc. conditional tags too:

    I’d try to get the plugin to work with subcategories instead :)


    hi dude,

    i purchased the “taxonomy order plugin” and contacted the developers.

    the build a new version that works with the theme and released it today.

    check out

    so if anyone has the same problem invest the 25bucks and save a lot of coding work.

    this let you build a custom menu order in the sidebar with the portfolio categories on a portfolio page.

    all my best

    thomas b. rouge


    Great – I’ll try to test it and add it to our plugin list :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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