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    I haven’t been able to find any detailed instructions on populating the mega menu. My guess is it’s much more simple than I expect. I have four pages listed under a parent page on the main nav bar. I have the parent page set to be used as a mega menu. The four page titles appear as headings (but are not hyperlinked) when I hover over the parent page nav title / tab. How do I display an image below these four headings and have those images hyperlinked to the actual page the heading refers to? These are pages, not posts and will display mainly static content (in case that’s relevant to the functionality here). A very detailed reply would save me a lot of frustration. I’m not new to web design, but I’m very new to WordPress. Thanks!


    Another thing, does the main nav tab need to be called Mega Menu, or can it be any name / page I like? I noticed that in the theme demo, the tab ‘mega menu’ doesn’t lead anywhere, which is actually what i want. My client would like several of the main nav tabs to be displayed as Mega Menus with their own names, but with the main tab not hyperlinked, only the subpage titles hyperlinked to the corresponding pages. I hope my question makes sense.



    which theme are you using? Some themes support html tags (so you can insert native image links) and some don’t. I.e. Broadscope or Brightbox require a workaround for images: or image links:


    Hey there,

    I’m using Shoutbox. I have set the mega menu tab to be the parent page of four pages, but they only come up as headings (without hyperlinks) when I hover over the mega menu tab. Headings are fine, but how do I lead the user to the pages? Also, the mega menu tab is a link to a page, which it shouldn’t be. I don’t know if I’m explaining this right but I want it to operate just as it does in the theme demo. From the start I must have done something wrong. I don’t want to start over with dummy content because I’ve done lots of work on it already. Is there a procedure of instructions I can follow? Thanks.


    Hey FreshGirl,

    are you certain you filled in the URL fields when you created the menu?

    In your Dashboard under Appearance > Menus you can click the arrow next to every menu, here you should find a URL field with a hash tag in it, meaning it links nowhere. Simply input where you want it to go and it should work :) If this didn’t answer your question please do say so.


    Hey Chris,

    Thanks so much for your response. I have it all sorted out now. Well… that is, I have one nav tab operating as a mega menu (the one that was partially set up with the dummy content of the theme). Now, where I’m stuck is on the next tab. The goal is for every main nav tab to operate as a mega menu. Under appearance > menus > main menu > I’m at the second far left menu item (the first is the properly operating mega menu now) and I can’t figure out how to create submenu items below it. Even if I create a page and make it a child of the relevant parent nav tab, I can’t get it below that item on the menus page. It seems like I should be able to drag the menu items around but I can’t. The crossed arrows display when I hover over the menu items but it’s not possible to move them.

    Also, should I be able to create nav tab items without having to create a page? This is driving me crazy. If you or someone else can help soon, I would be so grateful!!

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