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    I’m sure its something simple but I’m really struggling to populate the ‘Gallery’ style page not the Portfolio with images.

    I need a simple page which displays the images as thumbnails in a grid format with a lightbox rollover with no associated Blog style text. (just like the Gallery Page in the Dummy content). Just cant work out how I make the link from the images to the page template.

    Like this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /full_screen_preview/125365

    From Categories?

    Any help much appreciated.



    the best solution is Nextgen gallery:

    but you can use the gallery shortcode (like in the demo) – this page tells you more:


    Thanks for that Dude, didn’t realise that functionality wasn’t built in to the Habitat theme.

    Ive installed the NextGEN plugin but it will only work when the shortcode is applied in to a post rather than a page. This isn’t ideal, as I need to apply the images to a page creating a gallery, not a ‘post gallery’ any ideas?

    Thanks again.


    Update: think Ive fixed it, it was conflicting with another Gallery plugin.


    Update: unfortunately due to importing ‘NextGEN’ gallery as recommended above I now have 2 lightbox effects when clicking an image. The original coded Habitat lightbox and the NextGEN in the background. Once you click close on the Habitat lightbox the NextGEN is revealed behind with its own controls.

    Can anyone advise if theres a way of turning off the lightbox feature so I can just run the NextGEN version?

    Sorry for so many questions. Thanks again for all the great advise that Ive had so far.


    Just use prettyphoto as your nextgen lightbox.

    Go to your admin panel > Gallery (Nexgen options panel) > Options

    There you’ll see Tabs at the top: One tab is callled “effects”. Click on it.

    Now you select “custom” at Javascript Thumbnail effect and in the field below you write following:


    Now you can use prettyphoto with you nextgen gallery.

    Screenshot of the options page:


    Guess its easy when you know how. Thank you, you have no doubt saved me hours :)


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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