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    I am using a number of plugins (ie. All in one Calendar, BBpress, WP Wunderground). All of these plugins utilize shortcodes to allow for easy inplementation into a page, post, widget, etc. I also have developed some plugins of my own that use shortcodes. The shortcodes work fine until i try to use them on a dynamic template, in which case they refuse to work. Here is an example


    I tried to reproduce this issue with Shoutbox 1.3 but I couldn’t find any errors.

    1) Please try to update your Shoutbox theme to the latest version (1.3). You can download it from

    2) Please deactivate ALL plugins and try to use a standard wp or theme shortcode with the template builder. If it works activate the plugins one by one again and probably one plugin will then break the shortcodes.


    The native theme shortcodes as well as the native wordpress shortcodes are working on the following dynamic template. The plugin (ie. All in One Calendar, BBpress, WpUnderground) plugins are not.

    Se the example here



    I am sorry that you are having difficulty with one of your plugin’s shortcodes. This so far this has been the only complaint about shortcodes not displaying with Shoutbox. That might not the case with one of the plugins you are using that recently implemented shortcodes and are still working the compatibility kinks out. We would like to help but I myself have no experience using this plugin. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -anymore-




    My plugin is showing up in the dynamic template, but outside the page width and in the background area. See here.


    Hi ansonkemp,

    I’m not sure how that plugin adds its content into a page but it doesn’t seem to be loading in to the page in a way I can see to correct the issue.

    I would suggest contacting the plugin author for assistance/guidance or not using a dynamic template if they are not available.



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