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    One of my friends was impressed with a template (elementia-4-in1) I customized for myself. He however, needs RSS, and Newsletter. His host does not support Java/Pearl scripts but supports PHP and Word press.

    Can you recommend a suitable template so that I can buy this and customize for him?





    tbh it’s hard to recommend a template because 1) RSS is a standard WordPress feature and you can use it with any theme and 2) a newsletter functionality is not included in any of our themes. You can use a third party plugin like: Tribulant Newsletter Plugin or My Mail though. A list of all themes created by Kriesi can be found here – – personally I’d recommend a “new” theme which is responsive (layout will scale based on the screen size and a responsive layout helps users with mobile phones/devices to browse your website). All themes since Propulsion (like Angular, Sentence, Choices, Eunoia, etc – the latest theme is Replete) are responsive. Kriesi will release a new theme very soon which includes a new template builder and I’d wait some days.


    Thanks for the revert and I look forward to the new template by Kriesi.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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