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    I have created a couple of posts which naturally contain images. What I like about the way these posts work is when you click the featured image or any of the images within the article, a light box window is launched where all the images appear in a slideshow…

    This is perfect and what I want to happen in all posts.

    I created a new post today – in exactly the same way, but this time the images no longer display in a light box when clicked, but they now are loaded in a new page taking the viewer away from the original post?

    Does anyone know why this is happening? Have you experienced something similar. I’ve tried a myriad of different ways of inserting the images into the post thinking I did something different, but cannot figure it out.

    Any help from anyone will be appreciated!



    could you link to your (specific) page? Have you recently updated WordPress? Are you running the latest version of the theme? Are you sure you’ve set the same link options when creating the attachment when uploading?


    Hi Chris –

    Thanks for getting back to me. As far as I’m aware we are running the latest versions of both WordPress and Corona. What I can’t understand is that I created these two posts not that long after each other and one works the right way and the other does not.

    As I said in the original post, I have tried to upload the images into the post as many different ways as I can, but having created many posts before, I’m pretty sure that I would have uploaded them and set them the same way I always do… when I go into the posts in edit mode and look at the images there seems to be no difference in the way they have been set. Examples:

    Post which displays all images correctly (featured image + the one in the article):


    Post where the images don’t open in light box but redirect to new page:

    http://www.polarimagazine.com/corona/opinion/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) %E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Cissues-issue%E2%80%9D

    In the second example page, the first image (featured image) does open in the light box but no other images do.



    I double checked Chris – we’re running WordPress 3.2.1


    Are you absolutely positive you didn’t change the link settings of the images when adding them to your post? When you’re inserting an image into a post you’ll see “Link URL”, this should be set to file URL to achieve the lightbox effect.


    Absolutely sure I haven’t changed the URLs or done anything different when uploading the images. When I look at the images from both those example posts the link URLs were both there but they were being called from different places…

    Because you had lead us to the link URL my colleague just simply tried clicking the “link to image” box which did change the Link URL address and it is now working. It just means we have to click the Link to Image button each time we upload an image which I didn’t have to do before.

    The only thing I can think that might be affecting the images this way is that the images weren’t automatically resizing to the width of the column so I changed the medium image size settings in the settings/media to max width 450px so that they would display correctly. Could that have affected the link URL? I hadn’t thought it would as the images I had set as 80×80 thumbnails in another post worked in the lightbox fine.

    Anyway – I only tell you all this just in case this issue arises again in the future.

    Thanks yet again for your help – the support here in the forums has been excellent and it is greatly appreciated!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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