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    HELP!! My slider stopped working with upgrade to WP 4.5. I tried everything in your post. All plugins up to date, etc.

    Per Rikard, I posted this into the end of functions.php and it broke my site. I’ve restored it, but neither this nor the fix below fixed my slider.
    function modify_jquery() {
    if (!is_admin()) {
    wp_register_script('jquery', '');
    add_action('init', 'modify_jquery');

    other recommendation in this post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -this-first/

    Did not work either. Slider still broken.

    I’ve enclosed login creds. Please let me know when you’ve investigated.


    Also, can you please answer my worries about Aviso? Is this theme now useless? Are we forced to redo the site? Or will you keep it working?
    You closed replies to that thread and didn’t respond. I need to know how you guys work before I buy any more themes from you. I think I have three. Can I expect them all to be useless in a few years? It’s one thing to no longer upgrade and improve a theme, it’s quite another to render a product obsolete and force us to rebuild the site. Or will the avisio child work with enfold??

    Please respond.


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    Hey swazzi!

    We try to keep our themes always to the latest versions and to provide top results for our clients.
    We remove themes, only if they can not be updated any more or are outdated.
    We now focus a lot to Enfold, which we also suggest you buy and rebuild any site.
    It is easy for use and the layout builder helps you make anything as a copy.

    Please do let us know if we can do anything else for you, we will be more than happy to assist.



    Hey Basilis,

    YES, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME FIX THE SLIDER ON MY SITE? The recommended fixes haven’t worked. I sent log in info.

    Did you read what I posted before? The slider has been down for a week now. I have an active business, I can’t have the site broken because you decided not to support the theme any longer with no notice.

    This is terrible! We should not be forced to completely re-build our sites to keep them working. I only built it 6 years ago! I paid for your theme not knowing it had a shelf life….

    I bought Enfold, but I do not have time to rebuild my site right now. And why should I rebuild in Enfold, when you will probably just drop it in 5 years?

    How can you sell a product and then drop active users of it with no warning?

    Unless you have some way to transfer Avisio to Enfold, which would be the responsible way to do things.

    I cannot be the only person affected. If this is the way you work, I feel I cannot trust your products.

    Please just help me get my site working right now, so I can figure out what to do.


    Ok, this appears to fix prettyphoto and the sorting function:

    function modify_jquery() {
    if (!is_admin()) {
    	wp_register_script('jquery', '');
    add_action('init', 'modify_jquery');

    I found this by working backwards through the jquery versions until it worked.

    It has to go in the theme functions.php (accessible through appearance->editor in the admin. Not the functions.php in wp-includes. If it’s put there, it breaks the site completely. (This was stated in the original instructions, but I made this mistake first.)


    Also, you may need to modify/disable code to move javascript to the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you get errors about jQuery being undefined.


    Thanks mcr2582. I tried that in functions in editor and the site broke. I don’t’ know enough about Jquery, etc. Which is why I bought a full blown “premium” theme (that only works for a few years).

    Not getting any help from Kriesi.

    Cannot get slider working.

    Not happy I bought two themes here.

    Is there a theme company that stands by their products? Or at least helps their customers when they decide to drop a theme?



    You can go to and download an older version of WordPress and downgrade it. You can simply overwrite all files/folders except for wp-config.php file and wp-content folder



    You’re editing the wrong functions.php file.

    Go here on your site:

    In the right hand column, 6 links down, click on “Theme Functions”

    Scroll all the way to the bottom and paste in that text.


    The last line in the correct file should be:

    You add this fix after that line.


    One last question: what is the general lifespan of a theme? Anyone?

    mcr2582 — Thanks for your help, but I’m sure I was in that file…in the editor, theme functions. Maybe I had another conflict, as well.

    Thanks Yigit for finally addressing some of my concerns.

    My hosting company helped me roll WP back, so it’s working now. I guess I will have to re-build.

    Still don’t think it’s right – themes (and customer’s investment of time and money) just being dropped, with no notice or facilitation into a new theme. And I really think there’s a market (and a moral argument) for helping customers upgrade (with notice) to new themes. It could be done, and this sort of terrible experience avoided completely. And, at the same time, expand your customer base and build trust in your brand…

    For instance, why not create a child theme that would help old theme users switch over??

    But nobody seems interested.

    So there it is.


    To be fair to Kriesi, migration is tricky because they have many themes which likely have different data structures, and the new themes are likely different as well. If a field was used in the old theme and doesn’t exist in the new one, then what do you do with that data? On top of that, plugins can create/modify data in ways not anticipated.

    Also, the original structure of Avisio was based on having a slideshow and a portfolio and a blog… each one of those had a set storage structure. But I believe Enfold is more dynamic. So there isn’t a portfolio page per se, there is a portfolio object and that can exist on a page, but can exist there with many other objects as well. So you might translate the portfolio data to a portfolio object but then that object has to be located somewhere, so you’d have to place it on a page, etc. I was a web developer for 10 years and I can envision how complicated this could be.

    But that doesn’t mean that you and I wouldn’t have been willing to pay for a migration path. I bought Enfold over a year ago, and bought it here because I liked Avisio and while I didn’t expect different authors to maintain the same data structures, I made the incorrect assumption that the data structures used by the same author would be similar enough to facilitate migration. That turned out to be the case, and like you, I’m still on an Avisio site. But alas, the amount of work involved in creating a migration tool that would work in all scenarios probably far outweighed what could be charged for it (after all, you only need it once!)

    On the one hand, nothing says we have to upgrade beyond a certain point, and it should more or less continue to work the same way. However, browsers continue to advance, and someday will use code that doesn’t maintain backward compatibility to everything used in the past. That will be a long time, but what is happening faster is security exploits are discovered in WordPress and used to upload malicious code to people’s websites. That needs to be patched, but rather than maintain every legacy version of WordPress with patches, while also developing it to add new features, the patches just go into the new releases. Meanwhile, plugins also continue to be updated for security and features. And plugins that interface with external sites often do so with authentication mechanisms that become outdated. For example, Google Analytics used to allow a simple login using id and password. But now you have to use a more secure shared key setup. Lastly, Google constantly revises their website rankings and they value website quality as an indicator of relevance. The reason we bought EnFold in the first place is that they started penalizing sites for not being responsive (ability to adjust to different screen sizes/devices).

    So like it or not, we need to keep upgrading our sites to keep up with the times. Even WordPress releases a new default theme each year, but does continue to update the old ones. That said, they have very basic functionality, so it’s easier to do.


    Thanks for the detailed explanation! It’s all much more complicated than I suspected. As you may have guessed, I’m not a developer except by necessity, but I’m glad to begin to understand why things work the way they do.

    I guess I’m going to rebuild in Enfold because it seems like it will be around for a while, and I do like what it does. I got the impression keeping the last version of WP would be unsafe after a while, and yes, plugins would start to fail, etc.

    Now that I know (a bit about) how these things work, I can be forewarned. But I still think it’s worth looking into… some way to make things easier for migration…even a possible new market. And definitely take out the “surprise! your site is doomed!” element. : )

    How long do you expect your site to be save in WP 4, or whatever version it’s “frozen” in now? What do you think the time frame is for safely getting a new site up?

    Thanks again for all your help!


    Hi mcr2582 and swazzi,

    First of all thanks for the detailed explanation, it describes some of the problems we as developers are dealing with. We have had a few requests about avisio moving to enfold now and for most people its easier than we expected.

    The reason is quite simple: avisio and enfold differ very much when it comes to shortcodes, so toggles and slideshows might not be compatible, but since most avisio pages only contain one or two of these elements at max, rebuilding them with enfold is usually pretty straight forward.

    I also agree with the concern that we shouldn’t drop theme support without warning, thats definitely something I underestimated
    and it wont happen again. In the future we will announce things like this a few months in advance on our blog, on facebook and by newsletter.

    Very sorry for all the inconvenience caused by not communicating better, back when we removed Avisio.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Kriesi, for listening and responding.

    Thanks to your response and mcr2582, I now better understand the complexities and necessities on the developer’s end. It’s a difficult job, and you do it very well. With improved communication, the sky’s the limit! (This applies to just about anything, I’ve found. : )

    My faith in your themes (which I have always really liked) has been restored and I now feel confident in (and even look forward to) switching to Enfold, knowing It has a ton of great features, and I’ll have quality support for quite a while, and warning when it’s being phased out.

    In the end, my site will be much better for the move.

    Keep on doing great work!


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