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    Hi there.

    Really impressed with the template – so thank you.

    Just one question:

    I noticed on the demo that slide 3 explains that video: flv & swf files can be used in the slideshow.

    How do i add a video flv or swf vi the “Slide Entries” in the WP admin area?

    It would appear that only images can be assigned?

    Hope you can help, just would like it to work like your demo





    You can add video’s (either by YouTube URL or SWF link with width and height) on the Slider’s Add New page.

    If you want to set the theme up to mimic the demo, on the theme options page check the box that imports the dummy content (just above the save button).



    Hi James

    Thanks for your reply & help.

    Sorry if i’m being a bit thick here.

    But…. i’ve installed the “Dummy” content into a test site & unlike the live demo on the homepage, their is no video on slide 3

    1) Go to this link:

    2) Click on 3rd navigation dot

    3) Video support example, “Click & it plays a video”

    On the slider admin – i can only seem to add images not swfs

    Hope you may be able to clarify so i can replicate your live demo



    Hi James

    Just tried this again, i can see that in the “Slider entries” you can add a featured image. As your demo on slide 3 is an image, but on click plays video.

    So – updated the link to play an swf & it opens the light box & no movie does not load. (Checked swf url & its ok in a browser)

    1) Your demo replaces the image & plays video (As opposed to the light box overlay)

    2) And your video plays.




    The demo links to a .flv file which uses Flow Player (included with the theme) to play.

    Try linking the slide to this page:

    Does it play now?



    Hi James

    That works perfectly – thank you for your help.

    So, link to flv files to play video within the slideshow.



    Glad that James could help you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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