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    How do I place an image slider anywhere I want on a page? I see there is a shortcode for content slider… but I want to place the same kind of image slider… like is on the portfolio pages… anywhere on a page, etc.

    Can I shortcode this?… or create a template for it?… how do I go about doing this?



    No, it’s not possible to call the slider by using a shortcode. The template builder (Choices > Template Builder) allows you to add a “slideshow” element to your page content – however it’s not as versatile/flexible as a shortcode. You can also search for a slider plugin – eg seems to be very popular.


    Thanks Dude. I need an expandable component though, like you guys have embedded in your template. I’ll need 100 or so independent sliders when I’m done. Can you customize this for me?


    Hi mgma,

    Unfortunately we aren’t able to customize components of the theme like that. Your best bet is to find a plugin that can handle what you are looking for and use that.

    Otherwise you would need to look into a freelance developer customizing it for you.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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