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    First of all its again about a widget but this time its not widget’s fault. Because it works in Habitat in the same area.

    Please have a look:

    1- In Habitat:

    2-Current in Newscast:

    3- Though increasing the width of right sidebar of Newscast:

    As you see, though I increase the widft of right sidebar, the social icons are still listing up to down. But I want them listing side by side as in Habitat. So how can I do that? Please note that I also tried to change the distance between icons but it did not work. But in Habitat I see the icons closer when I change the distance (adjust the numbers) between the icons. It’s now 4 px, thoug I made it 1 px, it doesn’t work in Newscast. The issue is in the right sidebar of Newscast the text and icons are left-justified.

    Please fix it this time.


    Hi sulker,

    Try to add this code at the bottom of your style.css:

    #am_services a {
    display: block;
    float: left;

    or, this one if the code above doesn’t work:

    #am_services a {
    display: block !important;
    float: left !important;

    Hope this helps. :)




    The first one gets enough to fix it :) Thanks Ismael.

    May I ask you a problem looks like you just fixed? In my site you please look at the Twitter widget. The picture is above of my user name. But it must be side by side if it is working properly. So, if I added the codes you gave above at the bottom of this widget’s php file, could it be fixed?


    Hi Sulker,

    The code Ismael provided is CSS and wouldn’t do anything inside of a php file.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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