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    I’ve noticed that the large writing in Choices looks pixelated and raggy , i.e. antialiasing . Is there anyway to correct this? A different font perhaps? Also, this is my first word press site and I am struggling. I do apologise, I cannot find where i can edit the imported dummy data, the writing on the slider which says ..”FLYING CAPTIONS Let them fly! Captions can fade in, slide in from left to right or slide in from top to bottom. Fancy, eh?” … I’ve looked everywhere to find where I change this text, but cannot find it; can someone point me in the right direction. Or is it an image file and the words are contained in a file and are not editable via the theme?

    thank you


    I have now finally found the text “flying Captions” – no longer require help on that thanks. But still getting pixelated fonts, any guidance on that?


    Hi Commendium,

    I checked your site and I couldn’t find any pixelated fonts. Can you post a screenshot?




    I can see something similar:


    In the Angular theme everything looks right:


    The issue is present on retina displays – I first checked it on the new MBP Retina, than on iPhone 4S and its the same problem on both.


    And more to this – if I change the Choice homepage to version with portfolio (demo), the portfolio part also looks ugly. Angular again looks perfectly fine. It has to be some bug (I can not check it at non-retina device now…). I was hoping to buy the Choices theme, but will wait on your solution…


    Hi All,

    I suspect that what you are seeing is just the different font. The choice demo uses:

    While the Angular demo uses:

    Fonts can always be changed so don’t let that stop you from purchasing ;)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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