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    Hello all,

    I have installed the Sharelogic plugin on my Flaslight theme.

    The pinterest button is showing at the top of my portfolio, as part of the page description.

    When I use it I can pin all the original (high res) images and not the medium sized ones it is showing in the portfolio itself.

    Kind of scary cause anyone can steal my images in an instance…

    Look at



    Try to manually crop all images that you will upload to prevent downloading of high resolution images.





    The whole point for me having a portfolio is that users can view images in a good resolution (after clicking on it in the Portfolio)

    But Pinterest shows my hig-res pictures of the whole portfolio at once.

    So, yes I can crop them all to 640×480 but that will keep my users away….. : (



    In order to prevent this you would have to alter which images Pinterest displays which in this case means editing the plugin itself. Since this a plugin from ShareLogic you will have to check with them as to if this is possible.

    Alternatively, you could create your own Pin It buttons using Pinterest’s “Pin It Button for Web Sites” tools which also allows you to define which image to use. Keep in mind you would have to create a new “Pin It” button for each image.




    Thanks Mya.

    Will just skip the button.

    I am afraid thought it has nothing to do with shareaholic (not Sharelogic ..sorry)

    People with Pinterest accounts will probably still be able to do this..dont know for sure cause j have no account



    Like I said you can create the button yourself which will only pull the image you define. I’ve done this before so I can attest to it working. Good luck on your website!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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