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    Am using Social Sharing Toolkit plugin fot sharing options in website Tried several, but this one works great.

    Except Pinterest button. On most pages it doesn’t show. Even when pages have images (featured images).

    On this page it shows the pin-button, but only uses first image (logo Bailine) as image to pin. And there are a lot of images one should be able to choose from.

    Can you help me out here? I would really like this pin-button to show on all pages the rest of the sharing buttons are also showing. And I would like people to be able to choose which image they would like to pin when multiple images are on the page.

    Thanks for your support!!




    Looks like you need to edit the plugin itself. Do they provide a shortcode that you add on your template files?




    Hey Ismael,

    Thanks for replying.

    This is what it should do according to the developers of the plugin:


    Since version 2.0.5 the plugin has the option to show Pinterest buttons. The plugin tries to find the featured image or first image in the content if available. If no image is available the button is omitted. Since version 2.0.7 is is possible to enter the URL of a default image to use in case no image was found. You can also set the plugin to always use the default image regardless of any available images.

    But allthough there is a featured image, it is not found.


    Hi Jeroen de Boer,

    Unfortunately I’m just not sure how the plugin works and what it uses to attempt to grab photos and insert itself into the pages. If you are able to add a php hook into the theme you can force it to display where you want.

    As for getting the plugin to grab the featured images, I’m not sure there is anything we can do as support as we aren’t able to offer support for third party plugins.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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