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    Hi, I just moved over to CleanCut from an Icebreaker theme. For some reason, all the photos are aligned to the left instead of the center. They look centered in the dashboard, but not when the post is published. My blow is at



    This is, obviously, the CleanCut WordPress theme.



    you need to change the image alignment. If you’re using the visual editor you need to click on the images > “Edit image”. Under “alignment” check “Center”.


    Thanks a lot, that worked great. A related issue is that I can’t seem to get two images on the same line, even when there is room for both. An example can be found here:



    you need to align one image to the left and one image to the right. They’ll be displayed side by side afterwards.


    Thanks, but unfortunately, that didn’t fix it. It put the pictures on the extreme left and right sides with text splitting the middle. Adjusting the text down still leaves the pictures on the sides. I am using visual editor.


    You can try to add a style attribute to the second image like:


    This will push the right image to the left.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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