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    Hello, my site does not seem to be showing the pictures in the accordian slide show. (I’m using Newscast 1.2.2) Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    Also, I saw that maybe I need to update some files since wp 3.0. Where do I get these files?

    Thanks so much!



    Oh, one more question… how do I change the dimensions for the theme so that my header image will fit? Please see my site:

    Thanks again… awesome theme!



    To upgrade the theme, login to your Theme Forest account then go to your downloads page and re-download the Newscast theme. There have been a number of updates.

    The change you need to make to the theme to show the whole logo in the black area are:

    1.) Change the padding-top to around 200px in style.css (around line 181):

    .nav_wrapper  {

    2.) Use the included PSD to create a header area background that matches the height you change the padding to.


    Thanks for your help… I believe I downloaded this when it was being given as a free theme. So it’s not in my download area… what do I do then?

    Thanks again.


    I think Newscast WordPress Version was never a free file of the month. So it should appear in your download area. Nevertheless free files of the month are gifts so the come without updates (and support). We’ll help you here with small problems/question though. You need to buy Newscast if you want to get updates for it. I also hope you’re running a legal version of Newscast because Kriesi’s work should be appreciated.

    The Dude



    Don’t worry… mine is a legal version. I do everything legal (believe it or not). I just don’t remember how I got it. I assumed that I got it as a free file of the month, but I don’t recall exactly. All I know is that I have it and that I have a policy of doing everything legitimately. I probably got this for a client in the past or something… dunno. Hopefully, I’ll figure that out, then I can go through whatever client account/source I got the files from. But don’t worry. If I have it and it’s a paid license… then it was definitely paid for.




    Dude, others,

    Any way you can find out where I might have gotten my version from. Like I said, I have a personal policy of using only legitimate licensed software, so I KNOW that I didn’t rip this off from somewhere. Any idea where I may have gotten my free version? I simply don’t remember, but now I’m curious. Also, I’m concerned… I want to dump this theme if I can’t figure out where/how/from whom I got it. (Bad memory! LOL!)

    Anyways, if you could help me with finding this out, I’d appreciate it.




    Kriesi is an exclusiv author for envato marcetplaces – so you got your theme from themeforest. You can only ask the support staff of TF if the can help you out. As I said above there’s no chance that you got Newscast WP version free vrom TF. Maybe you got the source code from a client? Sorry we can’t send you the source code.

    The Dude

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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