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    I’m running the latest version of Newscast with wordpress 3.1.1 on a new site I’m setting up.

    I have no plugins installed, yet when I click on a picture is a post the screen dims and a spinning gear appears – the gear just keeps spinning, nothing every happens.

    can you help?

    the site is




    your lightbox files are outdated. Please download the newest version of prettyphoto here: and replace the old lightbox files in newscast/js/prettyphoto with the new ones.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I did exactly what you said and that didn’t seem to fix the problems.

    Am I supposed to have a lightbox plugin too?




    as far as I can see you’re using the old lighbox files:

    The version number is 2.5.6 but the newest version is 3.1. Maybe try to replace the lighbox files one by one (they’re located in js/prettyphoto folder) or upgrade your theme to Version 2.0.2 (very recommended because it also fixes problems with IE9, etc.)


    Thanks for the reply.

    I had to update the theme AND update the prettyphoto separately. It seems to be working now.

    I have a few other questions.

    1, The logo on top of my site seems to have dropped down in the the main viewer – I’m not sure how to fix it.

    2. as far as I can tell, I want the picture to show up in the Feature Slider on the main page I need to make sure its in the Featured category AND make it a Featured Image on the post page. Is there a way to make the picture show up in the Feature Slider and not show up as a square thumbnail in the post? (ex.

    3. Can I make the picture in this post ( bigger? It is getting cut in half.

    Thanks for you help



    I fixed the logo problems, But my other questions remain.

    thanks again



    1) You can remove the featured image in posts by deleting following code in single.php:

    echo '<div class="entry-previewimage rounded preloading_background">';
    echo $preview_image;
    echo '</div>';


    2) Try to remove the featured image first – I think this will resolve this problem too.


    ok, that solved that problem. Thanks for the reply.

    I am still having the problem of the main picture in the post being cut in half

    any ideas?

    thanks again



    The image is “cut in half” because its’ size exceeds the space available in the main content (image is 800px wide; the content area is 580px). Looking at the page source, I can see that the following classes are added to this page: single, single-post, postid-193 and single-format-standard.

    You can add CSS to solve this problem, I also note that there is no sidebar content on this page and assuming there won’t need to be any sidebar content on any single post pages you can use this code to adjust the width (add at the very end of style.css):

    .single #content { width: 980px; }

    If however, it is only this page that requires an increased width, you can be selective with the CSS and use the post ID so it’s only this page that has the change:

    .postid-193 #content { width: 980px; }

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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