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    Uploading media to the gallery I couldn’t understand why from a certain date the uploads were misbehaving. They couldn’t be placed and no thumbnail in the media listing. I assumed Permissions and found that the most recent had been uploaded as 711 when they should have been 644. What governs this? How can I affect it in future without having to readjust the permissions after each upload?


    Hi tobester70!

    Probably a pluggin it’s changing or modifying the permissions on the /upload directory, try testing those disabling 1 by 1 and checking, what you could do also is use sudo to change the permissions and remove any ability to wordpress to change file permissions, or create another user.



    Hi David
    The site is new and currently only has one plugin – “WP Maintenance Mode” – besides the 2 presets, Akismet and Hello Dolly which are both inactive. I did wonder if it was that but I’ve used it on other sites and it’s never presented any media upload issues before. I’ll try it without though.
    Many thanks



    My guess is that there is something server side modifying the permissions. Talk to your hosting provider about any automated security processes that might be in place on the wp-content folder and specifically the uploads folder which change files permissions like that.

    It would also need to be done on the themes folder in the uploads folder which gets created to store the styling css and the Quick CSS data.



    I lost it all for a while (including my marbles) and was getting content but no style. However changed all the folders to 755 from 711, files to 644, and it all came back. Found the solution but no idea why I’ve even had to look at permissions…. never been an issue before. Thank you for your time and advice. Ian

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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