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    If this is outside of the range of support you offer, I understand. Any tips would help.

    If not a theme issue, this may be a server related issue. Once I enable permalinks, using /%category%/%postname%/ or any other option, the menu links break. The home and external links continue to work. I’ve changed .htaccess permissions to 666, enabled mod_rewrite in apache, restarted the server, and tried creating custom.htaccess code. I know wordpress has access to the file because it makes changes to it. I’m running my own Ubuntu server for development.


    Cord Varty


    Hi Cord ,

    Which menu links is that? It could be as simple as going into the wordpress menu manager and re-building your menu. That is under Appearance >Menus.




    The menu is the custom main menu I created under Appearance >Menus. I’m using it in the Incarantion Main Menu location. I tried deleting the menu and recreating it. Also, the blog links in the sidebar are not working, “The requested URL /uncategorized/post-5/ was not found on this server.”. Hope this helps.


    Can we take a look at the site live? If its a permalink issue in general, there isn’t a lot we can do about it but maybe we can spot something by seeing the site live and inspecting the menu links a bit.




    Absolutely, the site is temporarily hosted at So the “Roots” page, under “About Us”, is “” and after permalinks is enabled, it is “”. Once permalinks is enabled and you use the old url, it forwards you to the new one but the page still doesn’t load.


    I would suggest trying the permalink troubleshooting tips from the codex:

    If you happen to be on a windows server, there are more complicated issues but the above link addresses them.



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