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    I previously made some modifications to the theme.

    I set the .content .box as 750px width in the style.css however I wanted to keep some pages as 430px so I was using:

    c .content .box {

    width: 430px !important;

    } (in the Quick css)

    But it seems it does not work anymore with the 2.1 update of flashlight!? cf .page-id-205

    Would you have any idea?




    It actually looks like both page-id-xxx and postid-xxx are no longer working in the Quick CSS…

    I will be very grateful if you have a solution for that!


    Sorry I just realised that my first post had a copy/paste mistake.

    I am using:

    page-id-xxx .content .box {

    width: 430px !important;



    postid-xxx .content .box {

    width: 430px !important;


    but id does not work anymore….


    Well … okay for some reason I also styled the min-width of the .content .box with 750 instead of 430 …

    It is now working, sorry!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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