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    I purchased and installed PayPal Express Checkout plugin for my WordPress Theme – Flashlight, so that I would let PP process the payments completely – including shipping costs and taxes.

    I disabled shipping and taxes on my website and created shipping & sales taxes rates within my PP account. I thought PP would show the updated cart total with shipping and taxes before going back to my website.

    However, they don’t get added at all, and the item price gets passed back from PP to my website without any shipping or sales taxes added…or error messages. The final cart screen had two buttons…Place Order and Cancel Order.

    My Theme is Flashlight – by – Plugins: WooCommerce, WooCommerce PP Express Gateway,

    Thanks very much.

    Also, I setup business and personal accounts in Sandbox and couldn’t figure out how to test what I needed. Documentation is not clear at all.


    Hi tonyrebel,

    I believe this is more related to WooCommerce by itself as the theme doesn’t modify the checkout-purchase process except some visual modifications.

    If possible, check with the documentation for the PayPayl express plugin and/or the WooCommerce help forums as they will have the best ability to answer how the setup of the plugin and woocommerce should be done to work properly.




    Thanks Devin,

    I already submitted questions regarding this to WooCommerce and PayPal Merchant Support and I have not received a reply as yet.


    Keep us updated if and when you do get a response back. I’ve not used the extension for WooCommerce before but I know these things can some times have some very specific settings that need to be done in order for everything to go smoothly.





    I got a response from WooCommerce Support today, here it is:


    Our PayPal Express extension does not use PayPal’s shipping and taxes. WooCommerce still handles those aspects. PayPal is used simply to get the payment.




    Hey Mike,

    Well that would explain it then. Glad you were finally able to get a resolution on it though I know it isn’t a great answer since local taxes and everything can be quite cumbersome in some areas.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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