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    Do you see the possibility in sending me the baby blue pattern?

    I expected it in the package already as the demo shows it.



    If you mean this bus layout: this is the default style included with the theme.

    If you mean another colour, please point me to a link or post a screenshot.


    You can modify your theme to match the demo.

    Just go to your admin panel > appearance > background

    Here you’ll see a box where you can enter the background color.

    The baby blue has the value: #64a6c5 .

    For the background image download this file:

    and upload it to your server via “upload” background image.

    Make sure you’re using “Avisio – Default” under General Layout Settings. You can find these settings under: admin panel >Avisio options.

    On the same page you’ll find an option called “Fullwidth or Boxed”. Here you select “Boxed Layout”.

    The Dude


    I did exactly what you said – and I´ve done that before! But it doesn´t work to upload this pattern.

    I used firefox to see the pattern, saved it on the mac, uploaded it via the included uploader … but it doesn´t work.

    I tried the same with another pattern … didn´t work out.

    Everything should be on 777 already


    ok ok ok … I changed the rights again in 777 and now it works fine!

    I upgraded to the version 4. of panics transmit and didn´t get it done I think …



    Then we need to modify the stylesheet.

    Please open style1.css located in the folder called “css”.

    At the bottom of the file paste this code:

    background-image: url("../images/skin1/pattern.png");
    background-attachment: scroll;
    background-position: center top;

    body, div .dropcap2, div .dropcap3, div .dynamicBg, body .boxed, div .button, #top div .pagination a:hover
    background-color: #64a6c5;

    Then upload pattern.png to your themes folder. Save it to “avisio/images/skin1/”



    @autonom: “The Dude” has posted the correct CSS above, if you have any other questions please let me know.




    thx to all, I fixed it already. As I wrote it was my problem bc it didn´t change the rights into 777 … so the browser couldn´t load the bg-pattern.



    Awesome, if you have any more questions on this issue please set the status to “not resolved’.




    Is this how you change the color schemes for Avisio? The demo made it look like a drop down pick list with different colors. Just checking to make sure this is the fastest way to change the entire color scheme. Thanks.



    Just go to your admin panel > appearance > background – there you can change the font color, etc.

    Under Avisio Options you can switch the skin….

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